Wedding Cupcakes

Ever wanted something different?

Cupcakes and babycakes offer a unique look to your special day, and are much easier to share without the extra mess. They also offer the choice of having multiple flavours than what one big cake can offer.
Keep reading for more information about flavour tastings, display, cakes, and delivery and set up.



As you know, we have 7 classic flavours available All Year Round, a seasonal collection, and 6 vegan and gluten free flavours for you to choose from. An assortment of all our flavours can be arranged, or we can discuss customised flavours should you have something else in mind to suit your day as a couple.

Our All Year Round flavours are also great for customising different themes and colour schemes as they can be cropped, changed and customised without interfering with their flavour composition. Majority of the time, couples prefer the way our cupcakes are and organise decoration around the display.

All Year Round Flavours

Vanilla Vanilla
Triple Chocolate
Salted Caramel – most popular
Red Velvet – most popular
Cookies & Creme
Raspberry White Chocolate
Chocolate Peanut Butter


 So you can have a taste of what’s to come, you are more than welcome to come in and try flavours available during your wedding season. 6 babycakes at $13.20 can be purchased with receipt and should you wish to proceed with ordering, this amount would be deducted from your total.


Our clear acrylic cupcake stands are great for both serving and display, and can be hired out and range from 4 tiers fitting 30 cupcakes or 60 babycakes, to a full 8 tiers for 150 cupcakes or 200 babycakes.

All our stands are assembled for you, and we clean them before and after. They can also be left at the venue for us to collect (delivery fee may apply), or you can bring them back in store.

Delivery & Set Up

Deliveries for weddings a little more detailed than a regular order, and that’s what we can handle along with setting up at no extra cost. It gives you and your partner piece of mind, but also allows us to work our magic handling our own product.

When taking down details for your delivery and set up, we will always grab the following details to ensure our delivery runs smoothly with no hiccups.
– Bride and groom name and numbers
– Event manager name and direct contact number
– Booking name for wedding, e.g. The Smiths
– Venue address and drop off point
– Location of set up, a map may help
– Details of set up, e.g. flavours placed together, labels etc.



There are a lot of times where couples want something to cut to keep with tradition. Why not add one of our cakes to top your stand so you can have the best of both cupcake and cake worlds.
Our cakes are 6 inches in diameter so they don’t overshadow your cupcakes and the entire tower but add a nice little touch to the top. You also have a choice of having 3 to 4 layers depending on the height you prefer. Most couples prefer to 4 layer cakes as they are taller.

In terms of flavour, we offer our cakes in our standard All Year Round flavours as mentioned above. All have their own signature way of being decorated so we do not offer heavy or detailed customisations. However in  saying this, we can offer plainly decorated cakes so you can add your own twist, e.g. fresh flowers that may be featured on your big day, or we can customise colours to suit your theme.

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