The Baked 180 Story

Baked 180 was born from a love for being your own boss and a passion for baking.

David has always been interested in running his own business. He loves being involved in every aspect, from boring paper work to perfecting a fluent system of product and service.
Jenny loves to bake and has been doing so since she was young. It first started from box mixes, and then she eventually graduated to baking from scratch. Her passion grew from watching baking shows, YouTube, cook books, and blogs.
Both had seen cupcakes as the ‘it’ thing and were growing. Perth had a couple here and there but weren’t as great as they thought it could be. Being in uni, they decided there was no other perfect opportunity to start a home business, to see if it could succeed.
Everything happened so quickly; recipe testing, cupcake eating, research, branding, equipment buying, turning the house upside down to make space. Business took off from attending markets and orders. They soon outgrew the little home oven, and Jenny couldn’t handle the large quantities, since at the time and till this day, David could only help in the kitchen by washing the dishes.
They decided it was time to expand into their first store / commercial kitchen! It wasn’t easy, mistakes were made and lessons learnt. After 6 months of planning, countless revisions and a never-ending mountain of paper work they finally reached their goal – Their very first cupcake store!
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