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Simply decorated cakes in any flavour chosen from our current menu. Mixing and matching layer flavours are available only with our All Year Round flavours. Seasonal flavours can only be baked as a whole cake, i.e. all 3 or 4 layers cannot be mixed and matched with flavours in the seasonal collection.

Our cakes are 6″ wide (approx. 15cm) and can have 3 or 4 layers depending on how many people you’re feeding (or how many slices you want to yourself!). 3 layers will feed approximately 10-12 people, 4 layers will feed approximately 12-15 people.

These cakes are suitable to top our cupcake stands and can be ordered with an array of cupcakes for a complete stand.

We require a minimum of 10 working days notice for (detailed) cake orders and payment for confirmation.

To place an order for a simple cake, order in store, online, or via email.
For detailed cakes, please email hello@baked180.com.au with photos if possible for inspiration.

*Prices will be given upon description of cake and how many layers needed. Prices start from $35 for a simple 3 layered cake, no decorations. Please enquire via phone call, email, or our online contact form.

*Featured image is a semi naked frosted 3 layered cake, topped with edible fresh flowers, toasted meringue, a chocolate ganache drip, and cake crumbs.

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