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Baking Calendar (Spring 2016)

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    • My boyfriend is actually the best!  6months anniversary cupcakeshellip
    • baked180 cupcakes chocolate maplesyrup bacon raspberrylemonade rockyroad lemonblueberry lunchofchampions
    • When disaster strikes  you squash your own cupcakesthank youhellip
    • Unfortunately I missed out on the Chocolate Maple Bacon flavourhellip
    • Monday Morning Coffee  Treat thanks to baked180  baked180hellip
    • Cupcake Heaven Thank you to everyone who came down tohellip
    • Bubblegum Cupcakebaked180
    • Morning Coffee and Cake from baked180 topsmorning mmm yummy
    • Coffee and Cake dont mind if I do baked180 coffeetimehellip
    • Take your pick baked180 cupcakes foodporn yum


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